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     Throughout Christian history, those of the Christian "hierarchy," by whatever means available to them, have attempted to conceal certain of God's Biblical Truths from the general Christian population, only to have God faithfully intervene on behalf of those deceived...This day is no different, as God again "intervenes," that His people should have the opportunity to know His Truth of the "end of the days."


     Prepare yourself for an experience which will illuminate your soul. As you read and understand the Way God intended, the "Light" of Christ will create a Biblical and spiritual awareness which can be found only in God's Truth, and the manner in which He intended that it should be understood. God, the purpose and plan for His relationship with mankind, our instruction manual we call the Bible, will become abundantly clear, as The Revelation of Jesus Christ, "the end of the days," is clearly understood as The Lord intended.

     When an "idea" is transformed into an intense "passion," it is generally God encouraging us, pushing us, protecting us from the would-be saboteurs. As God wills it done, ultimately to His glory, the outcome is assured.

     My name is James Michael Golding. As the author of this extensive work of Truth, I wholly confess to the Lord's mighty hand in my life, deeply challenging me, and in my early years, mercifully sparing me what should have been the just consequences of my own ill-advised, youthful extremes.

     But, as a result of my experience with the contemporary concept of "religion," I lost any desire to have an "ist" or an "ism,"  attached to what I now know as Truth. There is but one "membership" truly sanctioned by the  God of Creation; and it has little to do with "religion," or the "spiritual segregation," that has been the result of the countless Christian denominations...those who desire to appear more spiritually sophisticated by virtue of their "denominational affiliation."

     Post-Tribulation, Pre-Tribulation, Mid-Tribulation, Pre-Millennial, Post-Millennial, Full-Preterist, Partial-Preterist...As to the "Truth" of the Biblical "time of the end," the "last time," the "latter days,"  there exits equal "squabbling," even within these segregated groups and the very reason that the author of this work has abandoned the "man-made" world of "religion," in favor of God's Truth, understood in the manner intended by the Lord of Creation.

     The Lord knocked and I gladly opened the door. And as I reached-out in His direction, willing to listen to His Spirit, I was literally "snatched" from the world, and my entire focus was changed, resulting in the intense spiritual focus which was essential in this work of Truth.

     May the Lord open your heart and mind to, The "Final Truth" of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Blessings...James Michael Golding

"The “Final Truth” of the Book of Revelation is a wonderful book that offers a compelling exegesis of one of the most controversial books in the Bible — the Book of Revelation...I have read a lot of literature on the end-times and nothing comes close to James Michael Golding’s exposé of this book. Readers will understand how "theologians" have used this book to spread a deceptive message to followers of Christ, and not the proper message of God’s endearing and liberating truth. The writing is awesome and it flows with poetic eloquence...The phraseology is unique, at times poetic, and most often thought-provoking..."


"The Final Truth of The Book of Revelation is a work inspired by God and the Holy Spirit, who opened his eyes to the truth and guided him through this arduous task. It is a work of breath-taking scope and, if often controversial..."


"In The “Final Truth” of the Book of Revelation, James Michael Golding tackles this subject and demonstrates the pitfalls in the doctrines that harp on a deceptive end-times concept while offering intelligent, contextual, and theologically healthy interpretations of the texts that have baffled both theologians and scholars over the years...written in a very enjoyable style and a compelling voice...the author provides plenty of imagery and allegories that carry his message effectively to readers. He weaves his personal experience of God and his faith into the book, sharing personal encounters with people of faith and with God’s liberating truth."


"Cecil B DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, The Hughes Brothers’ The Book of Eli and the works of William Shakespeare all come to mind as you read The "Final Truth" of the Book of Revelation by James Michael Golding. Just like these movies, this Christian book contains the same essence of intrigue, murder, mayhem, signs, betrayal and tribulations that have surrounded the Book of Revelation for centuries."


"The "Final Truth" of the Book of Revelation by James Michael Golding is a masterpiece and should be read by anyone seriously interested in unique interpretations of the Bible. The amount of reading, research, and prayerful thought that went into this book staggers the mind."