James Michael Golding is a steadfast servant of God, an occasional, casual gold-miner, photographer, a lover of winter-wonders, and the American West...He has a loving wife, two grown step-children, and four grandsons...But, above all else, he is a relentless defender of the Truth of God's Word, a defender of the rights of unborn children, and a "thorn in the side," of those whose purpose it would be to corrupt, abuse, and manipulate, the only real Truth that exists in this world.

     After completing a BS degree in Architectural Engineering, James Michael Golding has worked at Naval facilities all over the coastal United States and Hawaii. But, for the past decade, the object of his passion has been to know and relate to others, in the manner in which God intended, the Truth of the Biblical "end of the days" prophecy in The Book of Revelation, and the prophetic Book of Daniel, and all other related Bible prophecy, which have been grossly misused and abused by the "End-Times" entrepreneurs, script-writers, and "Theologians," whose agenda is obviously not rooted in the pursuit of Truth. 

     As the author began to have deep questions and doubts about the validity of "End-Times" doctrine put forth by contemporary Theologians, the glaring absence of Biblical support for such doctrine, began to deeply trouble him. By the will of God, this "Master-full" work, The "Final Truth" of the Book of Revelation was born, as a decade of searching for Biblical support of man's contemporary "End-Times" doctrine failed to produce anything other than a profusion of evidence to the contrary. 

     But a detailed, personal, biographical offering of James Michael Golding would hardly be necessary, for such would surely mirror the story of most everyone who will read this work of Truth, everyone who would be pleasantly obsessed with God's Word, and the the manner in which it was meant to be understood by the "Author" of it all. James Michael Golding has surely recognized this work as the "mission" of his lifetime...God's Truth...Know its value, the freedom and peace which lies therein.

         "Heaven on Earth...and that right soon"