Currently Available:

The "Final Truth" of the Book of Revelation

(800 pages)


The entirety of God's Word, our Bible, our instruction manual and "guide" to the

fullness of life, and God's purpose for His relationship with man, has but one understanding

intended by the Lord of Creation...This work, The "Final Truth" of the Book of Revelation

has but one intended understanding...that "understanding" which was intended by the "Author" of it all.


"Angels Who Sing in Secret"

       "Three Pennies on the Altar"

James Michael Golding is currently working on a Christian-fiction novel that focuses on the

most prevalent criminal industry ever perpetuated in human history...the literal "industry"

that is the murder and marketing of human infants, all in the name of "women's rights," that 

in so doing, we should acknowledge the "right" to "choose," even as this "right" of "choice" was

wholly ignored when it was really needed.